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What is Property Law?

McGuigan Solicitors LLP have extensive experience in all aspects of both residential and commercial property whether you are purchasing, selling, leasing, mortgaging or simply transferring your property. We strive to do so in a personal, efficient and confidential manner for all our clients.

We appreciate that buying or selling a house is a big decision for our clients however, we aim to ensure the process is completed in a stress-free manner and as expeditiously as possible.

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Our Priority

Our priority is to assist fully with all legal requirements and guide you through the various processes in a straightforward and approachable manner. We pride ourselves in delivering a high quality service and keeping our clients up-to-date at every stage of the process.

Our Approach

At McGuigan Solicitors LLP, we understand the importance of effective communication and diligence, particularly in cases involving Property Law, where details and precision are paramount. Our seasoned team, with deep expertise in this specific area of law, continually evolves our services, personalising them to meet the distinctive needs and circumstances associated with these complex and often high-stakes cases.

We formulate tailored strategies uniquely suited to address the challenges of property law, always partnering with our clients to meet their individual expectations and circumstances. This hands-on approach ensures we’re consistently available to guide our clients through the technical hurdles and potential opportunities associated with their property transactions. Our partner-led services maintain the highest standards, delivering a unique experience that seamlessly guides clients through the complexities of Property Law cases in Ireland, with a firm focus on their satisfaction and the successful execution of their transactions.

Our Property Law Team

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Property Law deals with the rules, regulations, and legal procedures associated with real estate, including buying, selling, leasing, and dealing with disputes over property. A Property Law solicitor can provide expert guidance through the often complex process of property transactions. They can help with the drafting of contracts, conduct thorough property searches, liaise with other solicitors and agents, and ensure all legal requirements are fulfilled to protect your interests.

You should consider hiring a Property Law solicitor whenever you’re involved in a property transaction or dispute. This can range from buying or selling a house, leasing or renting a property, dealing with property boundaries or rights of way, or resolving a dispute with a landlord or tenant. In all of these circumstances, the expert advice of a solicitor can help ensure your legal rights are protected and the process proceeds smoothly.

Once you decide to hire a Property Law solicitor, an initial consultation will be arranged where you can discuss your property matter in detail. This allows the solicitor to understand your needs and provide preliminary advice. Following this, they will gather information, liaise with other parties, draft or review legal documents, and ensure any transaction or dispute is handled in accordance with Irish law. Throughout this process, your solicitor will keep you informed about the progress of your case, ensuring that all steps are taken to safeguard your property rights.

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