Immigration Law

Every person from abroad who wishes to reside in this country can benefit from our extensive knowledge of the immigration system in Ireland. Whether a person is seeking to apply for residency or work permit, we can help.

What is Immigration Law?

Every person from abroad who wishes to reside in this country can benefit from our extensive knowledge of the immigration system in Ireland. Whether a person is seeking to apply for residency or work permit, we can help.

The Minister for Justice and Equality has radically changed the immigration system in Ireland in recent years and has introduced many new opportunities to allow people to reside, invest and set up businesses in Ireland.

We offer comprehensive advice to our clients and will guide them through every stage of the immigration process in an expeditious manner. We ensure that every opportunity is explored in making such applications to ensure that the desired result is achieved.

Our Immigration Practice Areas


Business Permission


EU Treaty






General Regularisation of Immigration Status

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer the world wide community a forum for travel to Ireland, be it for the purposes of a Holiday, Employment, Business or Study. We ensure that our clients are given the most up-to-date information concerning immigration and visa policy in Ireland.

Our Approach

At McGuigan Solicitors LLP, we understand the significance of clear communication and diligence, especially in matters pertaining to Immigration Law. This area often entails navigating a myriad of regulations and processes, which is why our seasoned team, well-versed in this specific area of law in Ireland, continually fine-tunes our services, personalising them to cater to the distinct needs and situations intrinsic to these intricate cases.

We design bespoke strategies to efficiently handle the challenges of immigration law, always working in collaboration with our clients to meet their individual expectations and circumstances. This hands-on approach ensures we’re consistently available to guide our clients through the legal labyrinth and potential opportunities in their immigration cases. Our partner-led services uphold the highest standards, delivering a unique experience that effectively guides clients through the complexities of Irish Immigration Law, always prioritising their comfort, understanding, and the successful resolution of their case.

Our Team


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Legal Executive


An Immigration solicitor specialises in laws and regulations regarding immigration, citizenship, asylum, and related matters. They assist clients in navigating the complexities of immigration procedures, ensuring that all paperwork and applications are correctly prepared and submitted. Whether you’re seeking to immigrate to Ireland, apply for citizenship, seeking asylum, or dealing with deportation issues, an immigration solicitor can provide invaluable expertise and representation.

You should seek the help of an Immigration solicitor if you are planning to immigrate to Ireland, apply for a visa or citizenship, or if you’re facing deportation. If your immigration status is uncertain, or if you’re seeking asylum, you should also consult an immigration solicitor. In addition, businesses seeking to hire foreign nationals may also require the assistance of an immigration solicitor to ensure compliance with immigration laws and regulations.

After choosing to work with an immigration solicitor, an initial consultation will be scheduled to gain a thorough understanding of your situation. The solicitor will then provide advice on the best course of action, considering your specific circumstances and the current immigration laws and regulations in Ireland. If you decide to proceed, your solicitor will guide you through the necessary procedures, prepare and submit your applications, represent you in any necessary hearings, and keep you informed about the progress of your case. They will ensure you understand the process, your rights, and responsibilities, to increase the chances of a positive outcome.



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