Company and Business Law

What is Company and Business Law ?

Company and Business Law is a crucial practice area in Ireland for businesses of all sizes. This area of law deals with the creation, operation, and dissolution of companies, as well as various legal aspects of running a business.

Companies in Ireland must adhere to a complex set of laws and regulations, including those related to corporate governance, taxation, and employment. Whether you are starting a new business, managing an existing one, or navigating legal disputes, seeking guidance from a skilled solicitors who specialise in Company and Business Law is essential.

McGuigan Solicitors have expertise in helping clients successfully navigate the legal complexities of running a business in Ireland.

Our Areas of Expertise

Shareholders Agreements

Share Purchase Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Grant Applications

Insolvency Matters

Our Approach

At McGuigan Solicitors LLP, we understand the crucial role of effective communication and precision, particularly in intricate areas such as Company and Business Law. Our experienced team, expertly skilled in this specific field within the Irish legal landscape, continually refines our services, tailoring them to meet the unique needs and circumstances associated with these multifaceted corporate cases.

We develop bespoke strategies that navigate the complexities of company and business law, always in concert with our clients to meet their individual expectations and business objectives. This hands-on approach ensures we’re consistently available, guiding our clients through the legal intricacies and potential growth opportunities within their business context. Our partner-led services adhere to the highest standards, providing a unique experience that adeptly guides clients through the complexities of Irish Company and Business Law, always aiming for their commercial success and the favourable resolution of their legal matters.

Áine McGuigan

Company and Business Law Expert

Áine advises clients in relation to all aspects of family law including Separation Agreements, Judicial Separation and Divorce Proceedings. Her approach is to provide step by step guidance and support to clients in achieving the best outcome for them in difficult circumstances Áine can offer sensitive yet sound advice to help guide clients through the financial and legal implications and towards a solution that will allow the parties to move forward with their lives.

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Company and Business Law covers all legal aspects related to starting, running, or selling a business. This includes issues around company formation, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance. A solicitor specialising in Company and Business Law can provide guidance and advice, draft and review contracts, represent you in negotiations and legal proceedings, and help you navigate through the complexities of commercial legal issues in accordance with Irish law.

You should consider hiring a Company and Business Law solicitor when starting a new business, entering into significant contracts, dealing with complicated legal matters, planning a merger or acquisition, or when facing potential legal disputes. A solicitor can also be invaluable when dealing with regulatory compliance issues or if you need advice on corporate governance or intellectual property rights. Having professional legal advice can prevent costly mistakes and protect your business interests.

When engaging a Company and Business Law solicitor, an initial consultation will be arranged to understand your specific needs and the nature of your business. Based on this, the solicitor will provide preliminary advice and propose the next steps. If you choose to proceed, they will assist you in all legal aspects of your business operation. This could include drafting contracts, advising on corporate governance, guiding through regulatory issues, or representing you in legal disputes. They will ensure all necessary documentation is appropriately handled and keep you informed about your case’s progress.

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