Failure To Treat Claims

What are failure to treat claims?

Failing to examine, correctly diagnose, and treat an ill or injured patient is clinical negligence and certainly not a level of care anyone deserves. Your condition should not have to be life-threatening to be addressed seriously.

If you’re feeling worried enough to go to a medical professional, you expect that they will take your complaint seriously enough to investigate it and treat it. And if you are in so much pain that you believe your nearest A&E department is the best place for you, it can be upsetting when you’re sent home without being properly treated and cared for.

If you believe you have grounds to file a failure to treat claim then please get in touch and we would be happy to have a confidential conversation about your claim.

Types of Claims:

Some high example cases of these types of claims have included:

i) Failure to treat a rash which staff thought was just allergies

ii) A baby who developed cerebral palsy after their jaundice went untreated

iii) A woman who died due to not receiving appropriate treatment when suffering an asthma attack while in the hospital.

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