Birth Injury Claims

What are birth injury claims*?

Birth injury claims is when a person gets compensation for a birth injury. Birth injuries can occur to the baby or the mother and if you have experienced it, you should talk to a solicitor and have a confidential conversation about your situation.

In most cases, medical professionals are dedicated, diligent and practice in a safe manner. However, if this standard falls below that which is expected and required then you may have a case to claim for medical negligence*.

What is the first step?

One of the first steps is to figure out whether we’re dealing with an injury or a defect.

We need to figure out whether the injury to the baby was resulting from a birth defect, which can happen during the pregnancy cycle or whether it was as a result of medical negligence* by a third party.

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What are the primary types of birth injury claims*?

Injuries and accidents can occur to both the mother and the infant during childbirth. Here is a short list of some injury types that can occur:

Injuries to the baby:

i) Brain Damage
ii) Cerebral Palsy
iii) Spinal Cord Injuries
iv) Bone Fractures

Injuries to the mother:

i) Nerve Damage
ii) Pregnancy malpractice
iii) Pelvic Injuries
iv) Abnormal bleeding

All of these incidents can occur in a large variety of ways such as a misreading of an ultrasound to a misdiagnosis during pregnancy or a failure to respond accurately to an emergency situation.

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